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Tips on Choosing a Digital Agency Part III: When Marketers and Designers Work Together, You Win

Mar 8, 2017, 15:32 PM | Published under Web Development by David Shults

The difference between building your business’ web site and having professionals do it is similar to fixing your own car or having a mechanic do it. You may get the car running, but an out-of-town trip will probably reveal lingering and newly-developing problems.

The reality about your online presence is this: The construction and design of your business website and its growth are just as important to your return on investment as any marketing campaign! The solid yet fluid foundation of a website—the design—allows for creative and effective marketing. Without such a foundation, a scattered, piecemeal and generally inefficient website is the result.

A properly designed website saves time and money

and allows marketing strategies to work!

(Click here to see the many considerations of building a business website.)

Website design determines how long and how closely users visit your site. if your page is not professional looking, coherent, and containing good information, users are going to go away—quickly. Think of your own behaviors when landing on a poor page. Regardless of how solid the marketing strategy, a poorly designed website will have poor results.

How Else Do Design and Marketing Overlap?

  1. A designer understands what motivates audience.
  2. Designers are familiar with the different kinds of websites (stores, business-to-business, services, entertainment, etc.) and design a site appropriately. One size does not fit all!
  3. Designers make sure a site’s design best presents the specific type of content in that site.
  4. Designers are also mindful of making sure the image conveyed about the business is the desired one.  

Using the online marketing and web development skills of our trained and specialized staff, InFront Webworks develops the design considerations that will work best for you and keep users engaged. How does this development occur? The connection between website development and marketing can be illustrated with the marketing principle of developing relationships.

You’re the Expert!

Whatever your service or product, you are an expert on it. Who should know more than you about your service or product? To develop relationships with current and prospective customers, use your expertise and knowledge to predict customer hesitation and then neutralize it, perhaps with a blog. Come across as an expert. Your expertise, tied to an offer, which is supported with content, is what the site must do—seamlessly. This develops credibility and trust.

To the extent a website’s design enhances this process, there is a match between form (design) and marketing.

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Making Connections

Also remember that people want to buy from other people, which presents a challenge online. One way to develop relationships with online users is social media.  What is an example of design fitting function? In this case, your company or organization social media activity might be emphasized on your website.

Here is another example of the relationship between design and marketing. When we design websites, we focus on who the users will be and what they might expect related to layout, clear instructions and labeling on a website. You can see how without those basics in place, made appropriate for a specific audience, the best marketing strategy in the world will get lost.

Of course many other marketing goals are equally important, considerations such as affiliate and associate programs, blogs, email marketing, and more. Equally important is understanding exactly what customers want.

***But to successfully establish a brand, to forge a business

identity, good design has to come first.***

What makes a good website? It is up-to-date, attention-grabbing, mobile friendly, and designed with users in mind. We've designed so many websites and devoted so much time and training to figuring out how the best websites are designed; we are confidently ready to do it for you!

The connection between marketing and website design is key. Strengthening this connection is complex, ongoing, ever changing, and when done well, a time and money saver.

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