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Success of Melody Fusion

When Infront Webworks began working on Melody Fusion's digital marketing in October 2013, we knew this was going to be a fun, satisfying and successful project.

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Does Your Website Suck?


Earlier this week, I gave a talk at a Business Growth Summit that I titled "Beyond SEO: What to do with Your Website Visitors." It was a really fun event and I had more people attend my session than I expected, which was great. I shared a lot of information during the presentation, and had a videographer record the entire talk, but that won't be ready for a few days. So in the meantime, I wanted to post here a checklist that I shared with the audience at the talk: a checklist to help you make sure your website doesn't suck.

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If you build a website, they will come. NOT!


I can't tell you how many websites we've built that were amazingly beautiful (credible) and functional (usable) and that failed miserably.  The client came to us with a great idea - something unique, useful and IN DEMAND! People wanted what they had to deliver!  But still the site failed.

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The Melody Fusion Story: Choosing a Name and Domain

At Infront Webworks, we've been building websites for 18 years. Over this time, the company has grown and changed significantly. These days, we don't just build websites; we design them, build them, and market them. Late last year, we began work for a new client that has one of the more ambitious projects we've seen: they wanted to create an online community for musicians where people can upload their songs, share information about the band, and sell their music online. Since it's still under development, we can't give away all their secrets, but I wanted to share our process for helping them brand the website and choose the right domain name.

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Tracking Internet Marketing with Phone Calls


The most important rule to keep in mind when doing any kind of marketing is "track your results." The most important aspect of advertising your business is having the ability to justify your marketing efforts. What's working? What isn't? If you don't know the answer to this question, odds are you're wasting a significant chunk of your marketing budget.

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PPC vs SEO: Search Engine Marketing Explained


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has two major components - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Both can be very effective at generating leads for your business, and both have pros and cons that you should be aware of, but not afraid of.

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Website Credibility - Usability - Findability

The Big Three Elements Of a Successful Website are those factors that all successful websites MUST have. If your website isn't credible, usable or findable, it's probably not working the way you want it to.

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Fast, Cheap, and Effective Online Marketing

Know what to expect when planning an internet marketing strategy or when hiring somebody for internet marketing. It's important. Not knowing could cost you time, money and lost business.

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"White Hat" Internet Marketing is Best

First of all, let me state very clearly that Infront Webworks, Inc does not participate in, or endorse, "Black Hat" SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics. What is "Black Hat" SEO, you ask? Simply put, Black Hat SEO is any attempt to fool, game, or "cheat" the search engines to achieve higher rankings on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

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How to Blog for Marketing and SEO

One of the best things a company can do to generate more web traffic and capture online leads is to blog regularly. In this three part series , I’ll discuss why companies and organizations should blog.

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