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2014 Google I/O Highlights

Jun 27, 2014, 15:08 PM | Published under Google

This week, Google held their annual I/O event. Here's the highlights:

Google Hearts Wearable Tech – At Google I/O, they really harped on wearable technology, most notably Android Wear watch. But they even went so far as to give audience members cardboard boxes that they folded into virtual reality goggles into which they placed their phones. Strange? Yes. Effective? Uh…yes?

Google Hearts Cars – We all knew that Google has been working on their driverless cars, but they’re also working with some car manufacturers (most of which are also working with Apple. Awkward) to make smarter cars that can navigate, and seamlessly integrate with your Android power device.

Google Hearts TV – Google wants in your living room and to redefine the TV experience, so they are throwing their hat in the ring with AppleTV and Android Fire TV to give viewers the experience they believe we want.

Google Hearts Being in Front of Your Face – Google mentioned that they want you to see Android devices. Everywhere. You. Go. They want to be in your car, on your TV and in your closet. They want every aspect of your life to be sync’d up with every other aspect of your life. They want to gather as much information as possible about us and help us live. That sure sounds cool, doesn’t it?

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