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Why Websites with Video Content Do Better in SEO

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By the year 2021, it's projected that video will account for 82% of internet content. Consumers want information that's easy to take in. Research shows that it takes 1.8 million words in text format to communicate the same amount of information as a one minute video. Videos are astronomically easier to consume than 1.8 million words!

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Advertising for Small Business Owners

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Advertising is effective for businesses both big and small. When people see your ads, they become aware of your business, its products, and your brand. But advertising isn’t a sit back and relax endeavor; it requires a deep understanding of your target customer and a process of trial and error.

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4 Reasons You Should Use Video Marketing


The use of video in your online marketing seems necessary and inevitable. The purpose of this post is to encourage you to assess your available resources and to start making video. You needn’t publish or distribute the initial videos you make until you’re satisfied with their quality and purpose. Instead, start thinking about and working on video as part of your integrated marketing strategy.

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