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5 Ways Google Ads Can Transform Your Brand

Growing with google ads

There are multiple ways to advertise your business to grow your brand and increase your leads. There is no better way to build your brand than online. So what is the quickest way to market your business online? Google Ads is a marketplace where businesses can purchase online ads.

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Top 10 Benefits of PPC Ads for Your Company

Using PPC to get more customer leads

Do you own a business? Getting the most out of your marketing dollars can be tricky. Pay Per Click is an advertising model based on how many times people click on your ad, and has become one of the most effective ways to promote your business online. If you are new to PPC marketing, you are likely wondering how it could help your business. Let's review some of the major benefits of PPC that you could start taking advantage of today.

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Pay-Per-Click Marketing: 5 Reasons Why Use AdWords

Tips for google adwords

You've heard of pay per click marketing before, usually shortened to PPC. This is a means of internet ad marketing where you pay only if a client clicks on your ad. This increases your bought traffic, not organic, but gets people on your site either way. Think of it as renting space from Google. We're looking at the rules to the Google pay per click marketing game and why you should add this to your online marketing game plan.

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A Beginner's Guide to Creating A PPC Strategy

Set a strategy for PPC Campaigns

Pay-per-click ads is one of the most effective strategies for online marketing. Not only can your ads reach a broad audience, but they are cost-effective too. But the results aren't immediate. There's definitely some planning that's needed. If you want to see results from your advertisements, you need to create an effective PPC strategy. We're here to help you start up the right way. Here's the beginner's guide to creating a PPC strategy.

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A Guide to Google’s Local Services Ads - Google Guaranteed

Get Google Guaranteed

What are Google Local Services Ads and how do they work? Google local services is a pay-per-lead advertising platform that Google has started pushing out in different locations across the United States. Once a company has passed Google’s screening process, consumers hiring a Google Guaranteed Business through the Google Local Services Ad receive a satisfaction guarantee backed by Google.

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Webpage Status, and Error Codes

Webpage error code blog

Understanding status codes is a fundamental tool of SEO. To produce a webpage your chosen browser sends a request to a server, the server then responds to the request with a three digit “HTTP Status Code”. Learn webpage status and error codes in this post.

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What is Google's Adwords Quality Score?


Google Adwords is undoubtedly a great way to maximize Return on Investment (ROI) online. Advertisers and marketers do not have ...

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AdWords Agency Policy Update


Google has updated their AdWords policy in order to bring more transparency to the customer.

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Google AdWords Tips And Tricks

Here are a few basic ways to improve the quality of your Google AdWords campaign.

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Managing AdWords Bids and Budgets


I recently passed my Google certification exam for Advanced Search Engine Marketers. It was not easy, but as with all things, you get out of it what you put into it, and I was forced to put in a lot of work just to understand all the concepts that were thrown at me from the exam material.

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How To Link Your AdWords and Analytics Accounts


One of the most annoying problems with Google Analytics is that straight out of the box, it does not properly share data with AdWords. You'd think that since both Analytics and AdWrods are Google products, they'd "talk to each" other and pass data freely back and forth, but that's actually not the case.

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How To Use Google AdWords


Did you know: Google is the most popular website on planet earth? According to ComScore, more than 1 BILLION people use Google's search engine every month. You, as a business owner, should be advertising in at least some form on Google. Most businesses can't afford not to. It's more than likely that your potential customers are using Google to search for the products and services that you sell, and if they're not finding you online... they're probably finding your competitors.

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