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How and Why to Set Up Google Places


It only takes a few minutes to claim your business on Google places

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Friday Round-Up Week Ending 3/28/14


Every week, we'll be delivering the latest and greatest news from Infront Webworks!

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Native Digital Advertising


Native advertising is the term used to describe the act of displaying ads to consumers while they are in the context of the product/service being advertised. One example is airing a LeBron James shoe commercial during an NBA game. In this way the advertiser is not only being less intrusive to the audience, but is also catching the maximum number of relevant audience members, which is LeBron James fans. So it’s a double-positive for the advertiser: they are being less annoying, while being more relevant to the audience.

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Colorado Spotlight - Brewer's Republic - Colorado Springs


Infront Webworks’ Wednesday blogs focus on Colorado businesses and how an online strategy could help improve their digital presence. This week’s business is Brewer’s Republic, a small bar on N. Nevada Avenue that is doing what a lot of Colorado Springs bars should be doing: Highlighting a heavily rotating tap of Colorado beers.

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Reputation Management: How to handle online sabotage attempts


In 2013 I was invited to interview for a Search Engine Analyst position for a security company who was having problems in the search engine results page (SERP) for all major search engines.

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Infront New Client Launch: Denver St. Patrick's Day Parade

For this year's St. Patrick's Day Parade in Denver, CO the directors of the event decdided to redisign the website for the event, and give the public a more user-friendly experience while finding information about it.

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New Infront Client Launch: Pioneer Sand

Pioneer Sand, the nation's largest landscaping material supplier, approached Infront about building a new website for them, and we were happy to comply!

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Does a new Google Algorithm update replace the last one?


Does a new Google Algorithm update replace the last one? The short answer to this is, “no”. Not only does the new update not replace (it typically ads too it) the old one, we don’t always get all ...

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Success of Melody Fusion

When Infront Webworks began working on Melody Fusion's digital marketing in October 2013, we knew this was going to be a fun, satisfying and successful project.

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Why A Long Tail Is Good- Longtail Keywords


Long tails aren't just great assets for dogs and other animals. They are EXTREMELY useful for successful search engine marketers. This post explores just what a long tail is, and why it's so good.

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Blue Palm and Amazon - A Tale Of Discovery & Technical Success

Ok, we're a tech company, so we're not talking about strangely colored trees on the world's longest river, but we are talking about something that is just as interesting to our client and to our web development team. This story tells of our approach to solving the problem of importing Amazon's products into the SiteWorks ecommerce database to save time and money in creating a great website.

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Where can I see my Google Analytics statistics?

Website Statistics is a powerful statistics tool that is powered by Google Analytics. The analytic data is updated daily, and shows statistics for the last month. To access your website statistics you should login to your SiteWorks admin portal, then navigate to the dashboard.

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How To Zip A File

The easiest way to resolve many issues related to sending large files is to zip a file using a file compression software package. Most operating systems include a zipping utility with the operating system.

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Search Engine Optimization Basics

Making your website attractive to search engines is a fundamental factor for online success. There are many things YOU can do to make your website more search engine friendly, so we've designed Siteworks so that it provides many of the tools you need to optimize your website. If you'd like some help optimizing your website, give us a call.

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How To Take A Screenshot of your desktop or browser

A screenshot is a valuable tool for helping troubleshoot technical issues. Below are instructions on how to create an image of your screen that you can email to our support team.

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How To Use FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a method for moving files in bulk across the internet. It is more reliable and much faster than email. FTP involves using software you install on your PC (the client) to connect to an FTP server where you upload and store the files. The stored files can then be used by a website, or they can be downloaded by another FTP user.

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Tips for Editing Images

One of the greatest challenges in managing website content is preparing images and photos for web delivery. To help you create images that are optimized for your website, we've put together a collection of image editing resources. Note - these resources are offered as a convenience for our clients. They are provided by third party web services and vendors and as such, we cannot provide support or answer questions about these resources.

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Clearing Your Browser Cache

Your web browser caches (stores) images and Flash and other page elements to make the page load faster. Many times, when a change is made to your website, the change may not appear when you refresh the page.

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Deleting Email From The Email Server

It's preferable to have your email program delete messages off of the server, because if you leave too many messages on the server your inbox will get too large and will cause performance problems with your email account.

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How to Set up your Blackberry for Email

This article has instructions for setting up your Blackberry device for sending and receiving email through your Infront Webworks email account.

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