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How Does Machine Learning & AI Affect SEO?


Google and other search engines use machine learning and artificial intelligence to present a user with the most relevant search. How does this affect SEO in the future?

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Free service to "Get your Colorado Springs Business" on Google Maps


Infront Webworks expands free services for businesses to Get their Colorado Springs Business on Google Maps

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Hangout w/ Josh Bachynski


Industry leader Josh Bachynski had a hangout with Infront sitting in. Josh provides refreshing insight into why user experience should be the #1 factor for SEO ...

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Value of Organic First-Page Results


Millions of bloggers, businesses, and artists compete wildly for the chance of a first-page result for keywords relevant to their website. It seems only natural to want to top the charts. In your personal experience, how often do you click on the second page? What about paid advertisements? Perhaps you’ve asked yourself “what exactly is my first page search result actually worth?”.

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How To Delete Duplicate Google Plus Pages (in 2015)


It's important to represent your business in social media, but you don't want to have duplicate or conflicting messages. Learn how to ...

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Best Web Company in Colorado Springs


Infront Webworks has been voted #1 Web Company in Colorado Springs...again!

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What SEO means in 2015: A Guide For Business Owners


From 2013 to 2015, SEO has changed significantly. Are you doing it right? You should know that “SEO” is always changing and evolving.

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