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Auto Fusion 2000

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Colorado Springs SEO & Digital Marketing Results

Client Objectives

  • Rank in organic search results for related keywords to business. Window Tinting, car audio, auto accessories, car stereo, etc.
  • Gain traction in search engines to increase traffic to business website.
  • Increase customer base with an established online presence.

Infront’s Solutions

Our solution for SEO and Digital marketing consist of many different strategies. We specifically tailor each strategy for SEO in Colorado Springs for every client. We do not use template based marketing procedures. We specifically focus on what the client does and provide the best possible roadmap to get them the best ROI from search engines.

We used a combination of Map and Directory Optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Blogging, Pay-per-click (PPC), and on-site calls-to-action and landing pages to help each target customer find the information they’re looking for.


We are measuring these results based on 2015. Our SEO services began January 1st for Auto Fusion 2000. Starting in January, the website had no visitors to speak of. From July – December 2014, only 235 visits to the site. After six months, the website is now getting 3645 visits (June 2015), which is a total increase of 1,451.06% for overall visits. Furthermore, after six months we were able to boost their Organic Search visits from 37 visits all the way to 479 which is a whopping 1,194.59% increase.

SEO Traffic Increase

The chart above shows us the last 12 months of traffic to their website. Starting January 1st to June 15th, Auto Fusion has seen a total increase of 1,639.77% increase in traffic. This is a major increase in web traffic. Their measured growth in only six months was over 1,500%.

SEO Referral Increases

This table shows us the direct result of Infront’s digital marketing campaigns. We see here that Direct traffic to the website was up over 2,350%. This means that as opposed to 43 people in the previous period, now 1,054 people have been directly typing in This is a good indication that they are seeing many return customers.

SEO Organic Rankings

SEO Organic Traffic

The two photos above show us search visibility as well as the keywords they’re ranking for. As you can see, the top 3 keywords Auto Fusion wants to rank for, they rank for all top 3 in Googles search results. We see that in March their Search visibility was 0. This means nobody found them on the search results pages. Now in only 3 months their search visibility has risen to a score of 136 and their keyword placement has increased by 21 places on Google.

Auto Fusion 2000’s Internet Market has been such a success that they don't need to do any other form of marketing for their practice. Now that's a success!

If you're interested in having success marketing your website online, just contact us for a free website evaluation and we'll show you how your website stacks up, and how we can help give it a boost!