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Colorado Springs Hot Tubs

Colorado Springs Hot Tubs

Colorado Springs Hot Tub Sales & Service, Inc. is a new venture started by ambitious and experienced Hot Tub experts.  They specialize in refurbishing, repairing, and reselling quality Hot Tubs in Southern Colorado. Their business plan was to use the web as their only means of marketing to drive their sales and service leads, and they came to Infront Webworks for help.

Project Objectives

  • Create warm and inviting graphics that communicate the comfort and warmth that comes from owning a hot tub.
  • Display inventory on the website to allow users to explore and help them make the decision to visit the showroom.
  • Attract consumers to the website using Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and other Internet Marketing strategies.

Infront’s Solutions

Our design team came up with a simple and elegant design that has a warm and relaxing feel.  The design esthetics of this site were a particularly important consideration that will likely get visitors’ emotions involved in their buying decision and the home page clearly communicates the companies' unique business model and encourages the user to explore the inventory. 

We built an easy-to-maintain custom database that feeds into the site so that Colorado Springs Hot Tub employees could quickly and easily maintain their online inventory of hot tubs. The database includes photographs, details about the tubs, and pricing information so that visitors can browse current stock at any time.

Once the design and development was completed, our marketing team took over. They created a very aggressive marketing plan that included Map and Directory Optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click (PPC), and on-site calls-to-action.  


Their top sales goal was 10 hot tubs per month in the spring and summer, which is typically the busy season for hot tubs. They made that goal in what they expected to be their slowest season: the dead of winter. And that goal was met in their 1st month being online. Both arms of the business (services and sales) are healthy and continue to grow.

After only 4 short months, they'd gained a dozen quality rankings in the top 5 positions of Google and their traffic rose rapidly. The month the site was first launched, they only had 28 visitors from search, but that number grew to 327 search visitors by April—not bad for a website that was only a few months old!

If you're thinking about building a new website but want to make sure people can actually find you online, contact us and we can not only build your website, but draw your potential customers to it as well.

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