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GPS Networking

GPS Networking has over 20 years of expertise in specialized and customizable GPS solutions for both civilian and military use. They are the world leader in providing GPS/GNSS Antenna Splitters, Amplifiers, Rack Mount Splitters, Re-radiating Kits and GPS/GNSS Fiber Optic Antenna Link systems.

Every GPS created by GPS Networking is completely custom and built to each client’s unique specification. To accommodate this type of product customization a responsive website design is imperative. GPS Networking sought out Infront Webworks because they felt they needed a newer, fresher look for their website that would communicate with the consumer better and allowed for dependent options within the e-commerce product section and custom checkout payment options.

GPS Networking Case Study


  • Update the design of the website with a clean and fresh look
  • Change e-commerce platforms to make in-house product management easier
  • Create dependent variable options for complex product customization
  • Custom product SKU’s for military specs
  • Custom checkout gateways to accommodate unique payment transactions

To accomplish such complex requirements the Infront Webworks design team worked in close collaboration with GPS Networking. Every image, every product description, every feature, link, work flow and drop down menu were carefully analyzed for customer use and business need.

Because every order is built to order it was extremely important that customers be able to find the exact product they wanted and be able to customize it as needed. Simple to follow design was added within the shopping pages of the site that contained parent-child mapping to make shopping easy on the customer. A clean design with detailed images now makes choosing the correct adapter easy. Due to the customization necessary for GPS products of this caliber, particular parameters needed to be placed around every product customization options - “if, then” conditional formatting was required in the sites e-commerce coding. Also, because the products are designed mainly for military use SKU’s were a very important feature of the store. GPS Networking requested the SKU’s be uniquely configured to military standards for every product, and Infront accommodated. The result is an easy to manage e-commerce backend that GPS Networking can manage in-house.
The final objective was to create custom checkout options to accommodate the custom GPS purchaser. Every order is built to unique specifications so inevitably there is a lag between order and receipt, so customers can’t always be charged or provide payment upfont. However, most e-commerce platforms and created to receive payment upon checkout and aren’t able to provide a “$0” charge. Infront worked with the e-commerce platform to enable custom coding that would allow for future payment and invoicing and serve the customer base with optimal satisfaction.

GPS Networking Web Design

Though the website redesign is fairly new the projected success of the website is high. User experience has been increased, the overall shopping experiences has been optimized, and all client objectives has been optimized.

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