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Peak Vista

Peak Vista, a prominent health clinic serving various locations throughout the state of Colorado, turned to Infront to create their website in 2010. To help them stay within their target budget, while also giving them a functioning website that performed all necessary functions, we created their website, and then provided them with a content management system called Siteworks 3. This is our proprietary platform built in a Ruby on Rails environment. Through this platform they could add additional pages, content, and menu items as they saw fit.

After three years of adding pages and menu items however, it became evident that the home page simply ended up with too many resources, and that visitors were having difficulty finding the information they were looking for. In May of 2014 they turned to us again to freshen up the design of the site, and to improve upon the navigation function which was becoming confusing to visitors. Here is what it looked like before we redesigned their site in 2014.

 Peak Vista Web Development Case Study

Client Objectives

  • Update the design of the website with a clean and fresh look.
  • Improve the navigation of the site so that users could easily find the information they sought.
  • Direct the old web addresses to the new site’s corresponding addresses so that visitors were not met with a nonworking pages when they visited the old web address.

Infront Solutions

In order to address the cluttered navigation menu we used the approach of consolidating links so that it made more sense to users, and so they could more easily find the information they were looking for. So our Marketing team evaluated the client’s Google Analytics data to begin their Content Management Strategy. This allowed them to identify user behavior, and to gain a clearer understanding of what the website should do for visitors.

One outcome of the analysis was learning that a critical function of the website was to provide the nearest clinic location to users, so we placed an interactive map in the header of the home page that allowed users to see all the locations of the clinic. It also gave users the ability to switch from a view of the Pikes Peak region to a view of the East Central Plains region to help them find their closest clinic.

Also, for the remainder of the header we thought it was important to use high quality photos to depict potential patrons of the clinic, namely women and children.

Peak Vista Web Development Case Study 

Underneath the header we used the data gained from our research analysis to repurpose the links in the navigation. Specifically, we took links such as “Our History”, “Leadership”, and “Annual Reports” and moved them to the About Us page. In making moves like this all the same resources were still available, but the home page was less cluttered, and visitors were able to naturally navigate to the information they were searching.

This website was built also built in the Siteworks 3 CMS, so the company still has the capability to add or edit pages as they see fit.


The results of the new website were immediate. The client’s traffic nearly tripled overnight, peaking at around 1500 instead of around 550 since before the launch. This behavior is not exactly typical of a new website. Many times when a company launches a new website they experience at least a temporary depreciation in traffic. However, because our designers installed the proper 301 redirects to ensure that none of the regular traffic was lost as a result of the new web page addresses, and because our Marketing department was able to identify the best use of the navigation system on the home page, when the new site was launched Peak Vista enjoyed the highest traffic it had ever seen. See below for a screen shot of their Analytics.

Peak Vista Web Development Case Study 

As a result of the tremendous success of Peak Vista's new website, soon after launching a competitor of the clinic emailed them asking who created their website. This competitor was so impressed with the functionality and design of Peak Vista’s new website that they decided to give us a call to redesign their website as well!

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